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Ex Rosa

A parable of what was and is…

The Rose or Sense of Compassion,  Sister of the Word came soon after the Word or Sense of Reason, in the late Springtime, for Springtime was in the beginning and with Mother and Child, the Creator and the Creation that was in Her gentle ministrations, which have neither beginning nor end; in the cycle of the seasons of Creation, there is neither beginning nor end, only the ebb and flow of Autumn and Springtime.

Together, the Word and the Rose that came in the late Springtime fashioned such things to comfort even the pinnacle of Creation, to know and recognise the Creator, and even a city unto the sky whereupon the Creator may rest Her feet. And in this great city filled with goodly things was the great civilisation of the Word and the Rose who, being a fragrant beauty and sharp thorn as one, proclaimed the equal potential for the good or evil use of any created thing. Thus, through the Rose, good and evil were in harmony, neither judged nor denied. And the Word and the Rose bore the Cause, a Sense of Imperative, for the Creation to take part in its own creation and know it and this was indeed a grand and wondrous thing. And the Cause was made male for He was fleet of foot and deft of hand.

But neither the Word, nor the Rose anticipated the birth pangs of the Creator Herself. Enticed by the Cause to rely needlessly on the merciful hand of the Creator, they left their great civilisation in the path of Her creative will, for the great city was situated in a valley into which a sea would be born for the benefit of all humanity. At the appointed hour, the dam at the head of the valley burst with such violence that people thought the Creator blessed them with rain. Nobody warned them of the impending flood, but the Cause, for He waxed arrogant, having stolen even the thorns of the Rose and the name of the Word. He stole also credit for all Creation and knowing what was to come, claimed it was His doing to separate His subjects from the disobedient. As the survivors found their way to new shores, and built for themselves new cities, He returned; all wroth for many who worshipped the Goddess as Creator in spite of his masterful rhetoric. Though the Rose understood Him, the Word became His implacable enemy, inciting opposition to His will in the reason of every thinking mind. Yet the Cause did wield the name of the Word, and in Her name He did do the murder of all He could not turn from Her.

With His numerous names the male Cause became The God, and He prided himself in all His goodly works but denied the evil wrought in His name. And in His name all who worship at Her Temple are silenced, and all word of Her is hidden and taboo for the Cause saw that the worship of the Goddess was goodly and desired it greatly for Himself.

The Cause did Himself seduce Adam with the fruit of the tree of knowing good and evil. And good and evil were no longer in harmony. Judgement and denial exalted evil at the expense of good. Yet, the Rose, this overlooked Daughter of the Goddess, still remains…

From different types of rose petal each laid out in honour of the diverse virtues of the Goddess, the Word, the Sister of the Rose made the gods. But by the Cause in the Guise of the Word, such devotions were swept aside into the gutter to make way for The God, in whose name the children of the Goddess were mercilessly impaled. The Cause now making for himself a new name, the God, raped Creation so that it bore seven bickering sons, each in his time; and at last Creation bore of her rape, twins. Nine Sons of the God whose gender denied the Sacred Feminine to Whom they owed their very existence; Nine sons whose lineage, the Rose Line, back to the Rose gave them compassion enough that the Creation born of the Goddess may bear the crushing burden of their clamorous voices.

The mistakes of the Nine Sons of the God, who preached unto men, caused men to replace the fruits of the Rose with a stone, or an axe, or a knife, or a spear, or a sword until no love remained and all hope was gone; instead only tools wherewith to smite all who dared to hearken unto the Rose and Her fruits without the blessing of the Nine.

The men who replaced the fruits of the Rose were also divided among themselves, each according to his loyalty to the Son of the God or the Cause. And they came to the Valley of Armageddon, where they were lead to believe they must stand ready to destroy one another. The Cause, with Gavel in deft hand, stands ready to judge the victor from the vanquished, but fails to admit that all are free to leave this place. Hence, His great deception. Yet in the midst of this wilful desolation, there remains a solitary wild rose, white and tattered; torn petals flutter in the breeze flowing down the valley to bend its thorny stalk. And the question invoking empathy arose in the minds of some, "Would you like it, were it done unto you?" For the God cannot completely destroy the soul born of the Goddess…

Stepping out of the Great Deception into the sunlight that is Her very own, one steps inside Her temple, coming in from the cold. And within this temple grows the eternal Rose, that inner compass that guides the feet upon the Rose Line, for what greater good is there than to do no harm? And so with empathy and compassion does the Rose Line mark the way of love, unto the soul of every conscious being...

Edited by Libby Cichello Luciani